British Gas – working from home update

Across the world of work the current Covid lockdown has placed increased pressure on members who have had to adapt to working from home. While last year this looked like it might just be a temporary measure, we are now approaching a full 12 months where this has been the norm.

Although British Gas responded quickly to adjust to the Covid crisis, UNISON is concerned that not enough is currently being done to recognise the demands home working is placing on individuals not least those with primary caring responsibilities.

We do believe the business could do better and we have already requested that the Governments Furlough scheme is given full consideration by British Gas for those who cannot manage the current lockdown period with schools closed and in some cases restrictions on nursery provision. The pressure being placed on primary carers is significant and this needs to be addressed with some urgency.

We also need to understand what more the business could be and should be doing to support its entire office based workforce who are continuing to provide a first rate service whilst being at home. It remains unclear how long home working will remain in place or whether the option of a more permanent home working arrangement is to be considered. If home working is to become more permanent, it is important that more targeted support is given to members over the long term. It is also important that the business recognises that home working is not possible or beneficial to all employees.

We would like members to complete this short survey to better inform us on your own views and experiences so we can present this evidence to the business and argue that more support is required. The survey should only take a few minutes to complete;


You are not alone! If you are struggling with your home working arrangements or have primary caring responsibilities and cannot keep juggling these while maintaining your current working arrangements, you are not alone. It is important you seek help from your local UNISON branch representative so these can be flagged with the business and we can support you to get a more acceptable arrangement in place.