“15 Minute Makeover”

Watch this clip from Claire Sweeney’s new exploitative ’15 minute Makeover’ show where a care worker has to get a vulnerable person ready for the day in, you guessed it, in just 15 minutes! Find out more  

‘Scrub the TU Bill’

East Midlands women speak out against unnecessary change in law ‘that can only harm relations between employers and workers’

Thousands back UNISON campaign against Nottinghamshire police cuts

Union’s Nottinghamshire Police branch secures 18,000 signatures after just four weeks of street-signing events

Nottingham Trent University refuses to pay the living wage

UNISON vows to keep the pressure on Nottingham Trent University after it refuses to pay its lowest-paid staff the living wage, while paying the vice chancellor more than £600,000 a year

University plan to squeeze wages sparks dispute

UNISON lodges dispute with University of Nottingham over plans to re-evaluate roles for lowest-paid support staff already paid less than the living wage

East Midlands UNISON branch of the year nominations

UNISON in the East Midlands has announced its end of year nominations for 2014.