NHS pay campaign – two days of action begin

Our PAY UP NOW campaign is calling for the government to provide all NHS and health & social care workers with a; substantial, reasonable and quick pay rise.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our NHS heroes and all keyworkers have stepped up risking their own health and wellbeing to support and protect the rest of society. Whilst the applause is welcome, it does not pay the bills. Our NHS front liners need reward and recognition for their commitment and sacrifice – particularly after years of real terms pay freezes.

That’s why UNISON East Midlands has launched this next phase of the campaign with the video above.

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There is a political strand to this. UNISON East Midlands Regional Secretary, Chris Jenkinson, has written to all 46 MP’s across the region to inform them of the need for a pay rise, seeking their commitment to lobby government for one. Further to each MP response (or lack of one!), we have produced 46 individual infographics highlighting which MP’s are in support and which are not. All 46 infographics will be shared on our Twitter over the next two days. Be sure to find out if your local MP is in support of a well-deserved NHS pay rise.

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Help us to add pressure on your local MP and reinforce the message by clicking the green button below to ‘Write to your MP’ asking them to back and support the pay rise we are asking for – for all NHS workers.

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For our Pay Up Now campaign to be successful we will need pubic support and political pressure but most importantly of all, we need all of our UNISON members and activists to get involved and demand a pay rise they truly deserve.