UNISON Power Update

Link below to the latest update from UNISON Power branch; UNISON Power Newsletter 03/11/2021

UNISON Power Branch Newsletter

Please see link below to UNISON Power Newsletter for July 2021 Newsletter July 2021

British Gas – working from home update

Across the world of work the current Covid lockdown has placed increased pressure on members who have had to adapt to working from home. While last year this looked like it might just be a temporary measure, we are now approaching a full 12 months where this has been the norm. Although British Gas responded […]

E.ON Furlough & Holiday Update

We sent out an email communication at the beginning of July around the furlough scheme. We were concerned that colleagues who are furloughed beyond the 1st August would see their wages reduce to 80%. Our request was for E.ON to continue topping up wages to 100%, but unfortunately this wasn’t possible. We held further discussions […]

UNISON in E.ON Update – Transfer of Morrison Data Services (MDS)

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions UNISON, alongside the other TUs has begun the formal process of consultation about the impending transfer from E.ON to MDS – our first formal meeting took place on 10th July 2020 at which we were joined by representatives of MDS. UNISON is pleased to say that we are being represented in […]

E.ON UK Operating Model – Update from Michael Lewis

Following the announcement from the company on Wednesday 8 July, which outlined changes to the future operating model and organisation within E.ON UK, we want to assure you that we will be in regular dialogue with the company to understand how this will affect our members. Concerns have been raised around the transition to E.ON Next, especially […]

UNISON in E.ON Health & Safety Update

Health and Safety has been at the forefront of our minds over the last few months. The UNISON health and Safety reps have carried out inspections at the various sites alongside management and facilities, to make the workplace as safe as possible for when people return. We will continue to and engage with the company, […]

UNISON in E.ON Furlough Update

Since the government furlough scheme was introduced back in March, E.ON has topped up wages for all affected employees to 100%. The company have committed to top up wages to 100% throughout July, but will revert to the government scheme from 1st August. This means furloughed employees will only be paid 80% of their wages from […]

East Midlands Gas (Southern) Branch Update

The Branch has now held two stewards’ meetings following the company’s announcement of some 5,000 redundancies and they are signalling that they want to change terms and conditions of employment. In addition to which the Branch has been represented at the British Gas sector committee meetings. The union will be undertaking a significant amount of […]

British Gas Member Survey Result

Please see below newsletter for latest update from UNISON members working in British Gas British Gas Newsletter 01/07/2020