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Welcome to the East Midlands Education and Training page.

Training for activists and members is overseen by the Learning and Member Development (LMD)Team.

On this page you can explore our guide to FREE courses for members, our CORE education programme for activists plus available support and resources.  You can contact us by email to and follow us using social media:

Twitter: @unisonemidslmd  Facebook: /unisoneastmidlandseducationandtraining

Course Cancellations (face to face training)

Due to current restrictions and in line with Government advice on Covid-19 ALL face-to-face Regional training courses have been cancelled up to 31 July 2020

Meanwhile, have a look at our online courses offer Learning under Lockdown.

We hope to return to our advertised programme of courses from September onwards. Please be assured we are working closely with our tutors and venues regarding our Autumn events


23 July – to be completed by 30 October

Course Code: 02-20-0114

Closing date for applications: 10 July

Course programme: consists of 1 introductory workshop (on 23 July 10 am – 12 Noon) with a further 4 workshops (dates to be agreed) plus theTUC online course (9-10 hours)

Who is the course for?
The course is aimed at new and appointed ULRs who have not yet received any formal training to enable them to carry out their role.  You can find out more about the role and what it involves on our website here:

Course attendees will need access to a computer with a video camera and microphone.

How to apply
The course closing date will be Friday 10 July with priority given to those already appointed by their branch who have not previously received any formal training.

Application is via email to  providing the following details:
  • Name
  • UNISON membership number and/or home address including postcode to verify membership
  • Branch name
  • Email address which the applicant is happy for the course tutor to use and for sharing with other course delegates to provide networking opportunities
  • Contact telephone number for use by the course tutor and UNISON’s Learning & Member Development Team staff
  • Details of any facilitation issues the applicant would like the tutor to be made aware of

For more information contact Gavin McCann –


14 September to 6 November 2020

This course is for any untrained steward and is the online version of UNISON’s 5-day face to face Organising Steward course.  Completion of this well-established course will provide ERA accreditation. 

Full details of the online course can be found here:

Here is the link that stewards will need in order to apply for a place on the course:

Please apply early as this is currently a very popular course in the absence of face to face training



The Covid-19 pandemic has raised the profile of the Health & Safety Rep role, which is proving vital in helping to ensure workplaces are safe.  Please click the following links to for online training and learning resources for UNISON Health and Safety Reps:


UNISON has produced a range of new health and safety advice and guidance for activists and members, whether they’ve been working throughout the pandemic or are returning to work now: 

How to work safely – leaflet for members

Are you at risk? Risk assessment leaflet for members

Bargaining for workplace practices during the easing of the lockdown

COVID-19 risk assessment checklist for safety reps

UNISON guidance on personal protective equipment (PPE)

Social distancing and hygiene in the workplace

Coronavirus guidance for health and safety reps

** NEW



1 July 2020 

This training is now FULL
comprising of 2 sessions on the same day
(10.00 am – 12.00 Noon followed by 1.00 pm – 2.30 pm)

Course Code: 02-20-0112
Closing date 22 June 2020

This course is delivered online by an expert trainer with real experience of managing behaviour in schools and other settings with children, young people and adults with Special Educational Needs (SEN). It will help you to:

Understand reasons for challenging behaviour

Identify strategies to prevent and reduce challenging behaviour

Explore ways in which we can influence a positive learning environment

Learn practical communication strategies.

Training session will run on 1 July with limited follow up support.

Places are limited on first come, first served basis

Early application recommended – email your name, membership number or home address including postcode and phone number to


Simply e-mail to request a place – please provide the following information:
1. Your Name
2. Your Membership number or home address incl postcode
3. Your preferred email address
4. Your Telephone number
5. Your Branch (if known)
6. The course code for the course you wish to attend

(The above information will be used to verify your membership and add you to our training database – email and contact details will be shared with the tutor in order to access the course)

Places will be offered on a first-come, first served basis – places are limited

Any queries contact

Our UNISON websites also provide links to a variety of other online learning opportunities for both activists and members.  These can be accessed as follows:

There are also UNISON online learning modules (‘e-notes’) available via the following link:

The TUC offer online learning for activists in the form of e-notes covering a wide range of topics and these can be accessed here:

We are keeping our web pages up to date and these are other useful sources of course information: along with Facebook: ‘UNISON East Midlands Education & Training’ and Twitter:

The LMD Team are happy to help with any education queries you may receive, so please direct any queries to

Learning for Members

Thousands of members access FREE learning opportunities with UNISON every year. Have a look at our programme to find courses and workshops designed to help you get on, grow in confidence, meet other members, explore new avenues, and have fun.

Follow the link below for more information

Learning for Members


Training for Activists

Stewards, health and safety reps, union learning reps and branch officers have a right to paid time off for training in their union duties in most workplaces. This also applies to part-time activists and those who take part in online courses.

It is best to give several weeks notice to employers and to provide managers with information about the course as required.

Follow the link below for more information

Training for Activists


 Bursaries and Grants

Did you know that UNISON members can apply for Learning Bursaries and Grants?

Follow the link below for more information

Bursaries and Grants


Learning Online

Sometimes you just want to sit in a chair with a cup of tea and learn something new, at your own pace and in an environment where you feel comfortable.

Online learning can offer you just that.

Follow the link below for more information

Learning Online



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