UNISON in British Gas pay survey

UNISON is in the process of drafting its pay claim on behalf of staff members in the Customer Experience & Sales and the Support & Function Collectives. In order to do this with your input (which is vital as this is your pay claim) we would ask that members complete this short pay survey using […]

British Gas members pay 2023

We have previously communicated that UNISON had wrote in September to the business asking for further financial support for staff, due to the unprecedented increases in the cost of living being experienced by members. The business indicated early on that it was willing to work with UNISON to deliver this, and over the last few […]

UNISON in British Gas Newsletter – July 2022

Here’s the latest update for members working for British Gas. UNISON continues to progress its priority of increasing pay and reward for all its staff memberships across Centrica/British Gas. UNISON British Gas Newsletter June 2022

Bulletin: Southern Gas Branch

Dear Member, Please take a few moments to read the UNISON bulletin below: Job grades for British Gas staff – April 2022 Just a reminder that in terms of the new collective arrangements, UNISON are the sole recognised union within your workplace. As ever if you need to speak to anyone of your workplace stewards […]

British Gas Sector Update

Please see below for the latest newsletter from the British Gas Sector of UNISON UNISON BG Sector Update

British Gas – working from home update

Across the world of work the current Covid lockdown has placed increased pressure on members who have had to adapt to working from home. While last year this looked like it might just be a temporary measure, we are now approaching a full 12 months where this has been the norm. Although British Gas responded […]

Update for Members in British Gas

Proposed Changes to Terms & Conditions Negotiations Update 12/20 #5 You will be aware that we have been balloting UNISON members on a series of changes the business is seeking to make to all Centrica employees. This ballot closed at noon on the 4th December 2020. These changes were briefed by the business to staff […]

British Gas: Proposed Changes to T&C Negotiations

After many weeks of negotiations between the business and the trade unions, we have reached the point when further progress is no longer possible. You are now being asked at this point to vote on the package of proposals as set out by the business and briefed to you. Your UNISON in British Gas sector […]

British Gas Negotiations Update

Negotiations between the business and the trade unions are coming to a close; we now await the final position in writing from the business. When that final position is received, the UNISON in British Gas National Sector Committee will meet as soon as possible to formulate a position. Following that we will look to discuss […]

British Gas S188 Update

Despite the announcement in the summer from Centrica that it would dismiss all its workforce and re employ them on lesser terms by year end, UNISON has continued to engage in talks with the business to see if a negotiated outcome was possible. At the same time UNISON have been making the necessary preparations to […]