Advice to UNISON Power members regarding planned protest

Protest outside E.ON, Trinity House, Nottingham
Friday 26th August 5.30pm

A protest has been planned by Nottingham People’s Assembly, to take place outside of Trinity House. We have engaged with E.ON leadership team regarding this, to ensure stringent security measures are in place at all of the E.ON sites.

Although we are only aware of a protest outside of Trinity House, there is also the potential for future protests to be held at the other E.ON sites.

Given that some of our members will be working in the office on this day, and maybe entering or leaving the building while the protest is taking place, UNISON have spoken with the Nottingham Peoples Assembly around our members’ safety. We have been assured this will be a peaceful protest (the banging of pots and pans aside), and members of staff should not feel intimidated in any way. The group will be outside the building, but won’t be blocking the entrance/exit to the site.

These are challenging times, and we are aware our members will have to deal with increasingly more challenging conversations as customers struggle to pay their bills.

Please contact one of your local UNISON reps if you have any concerns.

UNISON Energy Service Group fully endorsed a proposal to freeze energy prices at the present level for at least 6 months in recognition of the challenges people are facing.