UNISON in Cadent Gas- Pay 2023/24

You will be aware that UNISON requested additional financial support from your employer Cadent Gas, to help members as they face into a cost-of-living crisis this winter and into 2023.

This is outside the normal pay round which runs from the 1st July. Members have received a 4% consolidated pay increase last July 2022.

While the business would not commit to further direct financial support at this stage (although they have not ruled out doing something further) they did agree to make a substantial pay offer to staff earlier than is normal, so as to give sight of a pay increase that would take effect on 1 July 2023 subject to the trade union ballot of members.

The Pay Offer

The offer to the trade unions will increase pay for all collectively bargained staff ( we have requested the same for ex TUPE staff – tbc). It can be followed by looking at the ONS (office for national statistics) calculations for RPI inflation for the reference year. The simple average is derived by adding the 12 monthly increases together and dividing them by 12. The underpin means that any pay increase will not be lower than 7.5% however the average annualised rate with 7 months of the reference year gone already, is over 12%.

As the offer ensures that staff will maintain their pay level in a time of high inflation, the recommendation of the UNISON in Cadent national committee, is to vote to accept the offer.

Please use the link below to vote, you will need your UNISON membership number or payroll number to vote. If you do not know this, please speak to your UNISON rep in Cadent or call UNISON direct on 0800 0857857


The UNISON ballot closes at midday on the 23 December.