Union Learning Reps (ULRs)

The role

ULRs are members who are passionate about learning and want to help others.  They:

  • Promote Learning – advertising courses and making people aware
  • Support people – helping overcome barriers that stop them taking up learning
  • Identify needs – finding out what people want to learn
  • Organise their own courses – short workshops, book swaps or courses
  • Work with employers to support learning

So, what is a ULR?

Click below for a short video or to download a pdf presentation

Click the image to download a pdf of what the role involves


ULR Training 2024

A Word version without images is available here.

To apply for one of these courses please complete this application form.  To train as a ULR you will need to be ‘appointed’ by your branch first.  Please contact them to do this.  Please note that the course is free to members but there is a charge of £75 to branches.

ULR Training 2024


Videos of East Midlands ULRs

These videos show ULRs from our region talking about what they do. This one is taken from a national conference for ULRs:

This is a series of videos from East Midlands ULRs, currently in Lockdown, explaining what they’ve done:

ULRs Working Together

In each county ULRs come together from different branches to put on extra courses. Have a look at the courses they have organised.

Click here for a list of courses in each county

ULRs at Work – Examples of what ULRs across the region have been doing in their workplaces

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Time Off

You are entitled for time off to train and preform your Trade Union duties and activities. Please take a look at the ACAS guidance below for further information.

Time off for trade union duties and activities

Application for Time off Form


This page has a selection of resources ULRs and branches can use

Click here for Resources