Training for Branch Officers

Branch Officer Training

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Saturday: 9.30 am – 5.00 pm

Sunday:    9.30 am – 3.30 pm

The Regional Branch Officer Training Weekend for 2024 will take place in on 11 & 12 May 2024 at the Holiday Inn, Leicester for the following branch roles:

Branch Chairs
Course code: 0027

This 2-day course includes:

  • the role and skills of a UNISON Branch Chair
  • preparing for meetings
  • writing motions and amendments
  • methods for facilitating meetings

Branch Secretaries
Course code: 0028

This 2-day course includes:

  • identifying the role of the Branch Secretary in the UNISON branch
  • identifying the responsibilities of the Branch Secretary in relation to the administration of and constitutional obligations of the branch
  • developing skills in priority setting, dealing with issues which may arise, case management and the development of workplace representatives
  • enabling Branch Secretaries to think about their own personal development needs

Branch Communications Officers
Course code:  0029

This course is aimed at both Branch Communications Officers and other Branch Officers who are interested in communicating with members and activists.

It will help participants:

  • Develop knowledge about the range of possible branch communications
  • Increase confidence as branch communications officers
  • Debate the pros and cons of different communication methods for different purposes
  • Develop a support network between themselves
  • Plan tangible action

Branch Lifelong Learning Co-ordinators
Course code:  0030

This 2-day course includes:

  • exploring the role of Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator
    how to work with the branch to ensure it is involved with the activities of the co-ordinator and ULRs
  • mapping learning which is already taking place in your branch
  • recruiting and supporting ULRs
  • drafting learning agreements
  • working with providers to develop courses for members

Branch Labour Link Officers
Course code:  0031

This course explores the UNISON Labour Link Officer role within the branch and includes:

  • understanding why politics are important in the branch
    developing skills to encourage interest in political activity in the branch
  • understanding and responding to common issues about UNISON Labour Link
  • developing skills around effective campaigning

Branch Equality Co-ordinators
Course code: 0032

This 2-day course includes:

  • role and responsibilities of Branch Equality Co-ordinators and Self-Organised Group (SOG) Officers
  • practical measures branches can take to promote equality
    issues relating to the equality agenda in the union and the workplace
  • awareness of the main pieces of equality legislation
  • improving participation in the union at local level by under-represented groups
  • identifying equality issues for potential organising and recruitment campaigns


Cost to branches: £70 per delegate

(optional Saturday evening meal available to book – £25 for delegates, £35 for adult guests and £20 for children)

To express your interest in attending any of the above course,  please complete the form.