Branch Treasurer

Branch Treasurers – Learning Pathway

Online courses are now available to help Branch Treasurers develop the skills and confidence needed for the role.

Step 1: E-notes
Branch Treasurers should first complete the following UNISON e-notes (online learning) before embarking on any further training:

Branch Treasurer e-note
This e-note is for newly elected Branch Treasurers. It can be accessed whenever is convenient and provides all the information you need to get started, what the role involves and how finance works in UNISON.

Click on the button below to access the e-note site, then click ‘Getting more involved in UNISON’, then ‘Introduction for new Branch Treasurers’ which is the e-note you need to complete.  N.B. You will be prompted to create a login if you do not already have one

Getting more involved in UNISON

GDPR e-note
In any UNISON role it is important that you know how to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As such, please complete the e-note ‘Data Protection and the GDPR’. This short, online learning module covers the requirements of GDPR and other data protection issues that UNISON branch officers need to be aware of.  To access click on the button below to take you to the e-note site, then click ‘Data Protection and the GDPR’ which is the e-note you need to complete

Data Protection and the GDPR e-note

Step 2: Online OLBA Training
You can access training either via web based e-learning or by attending a live online session.

Web based e-learning

Once the membership system shows you are a Branch Treasurer, you will be given a username and password for UNISON’s Online Branch Accounting system, ‘OLBA’. This will also give you access to online ‘e-learning’ modules which provide comprehensive training on the OLBA system.

To access these please use the link in the green box – ‘Need Help’ in the new home screen. The link will allow you to sign into e-learning using your username and password. Please view the ‘tour’ before you start to help you understand how to use and navigate through the modules.

It is recommended that you work through all the modules. You can work at your own pace and e.g. just do one module at a time.  The module platform will remember where you left a session. In addition, you can reset one or all the modules if you wish to repeat to reinforce your learning.

If you encounter any problems the OLBA team will assist you, so please email

Online OLBA Training – live sessions

This national training will take place online via either Teams or Zoom and will be delivered by UNISON’s National Finance Team.  It covers the same content of the e-learning modules referred to above, but in a tutor led environment in which you can interact and ask questions.  

You can attend this training either instead of or in addition to the web based e-learning modules.

Dates for this training in 2024 are shown below
To apply click on buttons:

 IMPORTANT: Before attending this course you must have completed both the Branch Treasurers e-note and the GDPR e-note as detailed above.