UNISON in Cadent: important update

UNISON is very much aware of the cost-of-living crisis which is unprecedented in recent times.

Energy costs, mortgage costs and general shopping prices are increasing, pushing up the rate of inflation. We are also aware that many members will be concerned at how they will make ends meet this winter.

For that reason, we have taken the step of writing to Cadent, on behalf of the staff trade unions, asking for the business to find additional money to pay to staff to support them this winter and beyond.

We believe the business could afford to make a generous additional payment to all staff (including those who in the past TUPE transferred in) and that such a payment would help retain staff in these difficult times.

We are not due to commence pay talks for pay in 2023 until the beginning of next year and we will be consulting members on this pay claim soon. However, due to the pressing nature of the crisis, we feel it is important for Cadent to respond now to alleviate pressure this winter.

Many employers are taking similar actions and we feel Cadent could also do this to support its employees. As well as writing to the business we informed the Cadent Staff Forum (the national meeting between the staff trade unions and the business) of our request and that we hoped for a positive outcome.

We will keep you posted on developments.

Thank you for your continued support.