Bulletin: Southern Gas Branch

Dear Member,

Please take a few moments to read the UNISON bulletin below:

Job grades for British Gas staff – April 2022

Just a reminder that in terms of the new collective arrangements, UNISON are the sole recognised union within your workplace.

As ever if you need to speak to anyone of your workplace stewards about anything then please see our Stewards list and contact details.


Nevil Fanibanda (National Lead Representative): 07785625431 – nevil.unison@hotmail.co.uk or nevil.fanibanda@centrica.com

Jay Patel: 07464677865 – jay.unison@hotmail.com or  jay.patel@centrica.com

Kerry Haldane: 07557038431 – kerryhaldaneunison@yahoo.co.uk or Kerry.haldane@centrica.com

Devan Anand: 07557038426 – devan.anand@britishgas.co.uk

Kamisha Francis: 07557038420 – Kamisha.francis@britishgas.co.uk

Andrew Brewin: 07719012801 – Andrew.brewin@britishgas.co.uk

Adelle Flynn: 07557038433 – adelle.flynn@britishgas.co.uk

Hasmukh Mistry: 07989715413 – Hasmukh.mistry@britishgas.co.uk