A National Treasure

A Festival in Celebration of the NHS 72 Birthday

Yesterday from 2pm to 6pm UNISON East Midlands hosted a livestreamed festival of celebration for the NHS.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis began the afternoon’s entertainment with heartfelt thanks:

 “The NHS continues to be the jewel in the welfare state, many years ago they saved my life as they have done for countless others more recently. This is the year where the whole country has applauded every week to demonstrate their thanks for the skills and dedication of the staff of the NHS. We will always stand alongside them.”

More than 40 acts and contributions, 24 of them from our own region who spoke passionately, sang, performed magic, baked, played instruments, recited poetry, painted and generally had a good time for the NHS.

At 5pm we paused to clap for the NHS, even inside the studio we got involved!

UNISON Regional Manager, Barbara McKenna said;

“I am very proud of us this morning given the pandemic and the need for our members to express themselves, our online event was pretty special.”

Our huge thanks to the contributors, technicians that made it happen and our on screen hosts, Lynn Booth and Roz Norman who did a brilliant job!

You can watch the whole event again above or click the link below to be directed towards our youtube page.

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