Statement by the UNISON East Midlands Black Member’s Self-Organised Group

We have today joined all those condemning the murder by police of innocent George Floyd in Minnesota.

The murder of George Floyd in the US, shows the fight against racism must be continued in all communities where Black people live, work and socialise.

“We also want all those responsible to be brought to justice and express our profound sympathy to the family and friends of George Floyd.

We stand with those peacefully campaigning to end all forms of racism in law enforcement, in the administration of justice and in workplaces and the wider society.

We are all committed anti racists and will work with those in our regional and branch structures to create workplaces and communities that are safe for our Black Members to work in.

We fully support the peaceful protests by the Black Lives Matter movements and the Unite Against Racism events, we will work with those individuals and groups who like us want to see a society that upholds fairness and equal treatment for Black people.

The death of George Floyd, and the anger that has followed, tells us all that the fight against racism is a global situation, that has highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement.

UNISON’s East Midlands Regional Black Members Committee is reaffirming our commitment to fighting against racism in all its forms and in all our workplaces where our fellow Black Members work”

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