United in Hope

On Saturday I had the pleasures of joining the annual general meeting of our Regional Black Members self-organised group. Self-organised groups are an important part of UNISON’s internal structures. Members who identify with an under-represented group take the opportunity to come together, to lead their own agenda, and develop their own campaigns in a safe […]

Black Lives Matter – equality and human rights above wealth, power and oppression

This weekend has been dominated by mass protests and demonstrations across the globe against the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. One murder of a Black man at the hands of White police officers was the last of many, his life like those that went before should not be lost in vein, but serve as a catalyst for the outpouring of pent up anger at the discrimination Black people face […]

Profits Protected as Care Homes Crisis Deepens

Thursday at 8pm the nation turns out to clap in appreciation at the work our essential public sector workers who each day place the interests and safety of our most vulnerable citizens ahead of their own. You will find no more obvious example of selfless public service than that shown by workers in 1000’s of residential care homes across the UK.  Residential care homes are never a destination of choice, but they represent an important part […]