Derbyshire County Council to close 8 vital day centres

Following a three-month consultation on the future of the local authority’s adult disability care centres, officers at Derbyshire County Council have recommended that all 8 are closed.

The council’s cabinet is expected to rubber stamp the decision next Thursday.

The centres set to close are Whitemoor (Amber Valley), Carter Lane, Oxcroft and Whitwell (Bolsover), Ashbourne and Wirksworth (Derbyshire Dales), Coal Aston and Renishaw (North-East Derbyshire), and Newhall (South Derbyshire).

In total 2269 comments were received about the consultation through various mechanisms; 429 full respondents disagreed with the proposals to close the centres and 244 people agreed to a change of how adult services are delivered.

These decisions will have a significant impact on public service in Derbyshire, on staff and residents. UNISON awaits further details on how the Council propose to deal with these cuts.

UNISON Derbyshire branch secretary Jeanette Lloyd said: “This is a decision that will devastate so many lives.

“Every family now faces the harsh reality of having to travel out of the area to get the support they need or face an uphill battle to secure a place at a private organisation. It also means dedicated centre staff face a very difficult few months of uncertainty.

“UNISON will do everything it can to support centre staff.”

UNISON East Midlands regional organiser Emma Roberts said: “There are no suitable or effective alternatives to the level of care and treatments offered at day centres. It requires specialist care that outreach or community programmes simply do not come anywhere near delivering.

“The council need to urgently explain how they’re going to square the result of the impact assessment and provide suitable support and care for the people who need it most.”

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