Protect working people

Whether you work in the NHS, Social Care, a local School, or one of the many jobs the make up the wider public sector workforce now is a challenging time for you. 

Across the East Midlands UNISON is the public service workers union here to help you and your families when you need us. Always at the forefront of campaigns for better, safer workplaces, where people are recognised for their contribution and rewarded fairly. 

We have 72 branches covering every town and city in the region, each one organising and representing members, helping to build a vast network of representatives in workplaces who act as ambassadors for the union, helping to support members and highlight issues. 

Our branches are supported by a range of people with specialist skills, making sure you and your colleagues have the best quality advise, and access to representation if needed including legal support from our specialist solicitors where that is required. 

And now is not the time to be without support at work. We’ve been working day and night since the COVID crisis started. We worked alongside our sister unions and the TUC persuading the Government to deliver a package of support to protect the lives of working people through this difficult and challenging period. We have been campaigning to ensure every worker is protected by safe systems of work, with access to the best protective equipment, and if you can’t be at work we are bargaining with employers trying to ensure you get full wages. 

To give you just one example, just last week in Derby University we prevented one group of workers from being laid off without pay, their employer, a private catering contractor, was shutting up shop, sending them home with no wages. We stepped in and with the support of those members we put the employers plans in reverse everyone retained a job and are now furloughed receiving at least 80% of their wages. That’s the difference a union make in your workplace.  

You can join UNISON on this web site here it’s value for money and the process is surprisingly quick so don’t waste any time, join UNISON. 

Once you’ve joined why not take it one step further and sign up to be one of our workplace representatives helping to organise the union in your workplace, you’ll be encouraging your colleagues to join the union, identifying issues that can be improved, and working alongside your local branch to deliver a better, safer workplace for everyone. 

If you make the call and join us as a workplace representative, we will back you up with access to quality training and support.