British Gas: Proposed Changes to T&C Negotiations

After many weeks of negotiations between the business and the trade unions, we have reached the point when further progress is no longer possible. You are now being asked at this point to vote on the package of proposals as set out by the business and briefed to you.

Your UNISON in British Gas sector committee (made up from senior reps who work for British Gas) unanimously believes that the proposition the business is making to you, is the best that can be secured through negotiation. Furthermore, taking industrial action could lead to Centrica withdrawing the offer and reverting to more detrimental proposals which we would not want to see. As a member led union, we will be bound by the decision you make. Therefore, it is very important that you exercise your choice and do so carefully with a view to ensuring a future for all our members employed by Centrica and one we can build from going forward.

If you are in any doubt on aspects of the proposals before you, please speak with one of your UNISON reps to seek clarification at the earliest opportunity.

Read the full proposals below;

Changes to T&Cs Update November 2020