UNISON wins full sick pay for care staff in Northamptonshire 

Care staff employed by Northamptonshire County Council will get their sick pay increased from four weeks to six months, following a campaign by UNISON Northants County Branch.

UNISON have secured an agreement with the local authority that employees working under the Olympus Care Services banner will now receive the same entitlement as other county council staff.

Previously, these workers would have to struggle on statutory sick pay, of £95.85 per week if they were ill for more than four weeks.

The agreement will benefit almost 600 employees across the county who work at facilities run by the county council across Northamptonshire which provide care to people including those with dementia.

Being able to take time off when ill without worrying about paying bills or putting food on the table could save lives and stop the spread of Covid-19.

UNISON Northants County Branch secretary Kev Standishday said

“All of the staff affected by this agreement are caring for some of Northamptonshire’s most vulnerable citizens and have been invaluable throughout the pandemic.

“The improved terms will give these workers much needed financial security when ill and hopefully improve recruitment and retention. This important win shows the benefit of trade union support at work.”