UNISON in E.ON Update – Transfer of Morrison Data Services (MDS)

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions UNISON, alongside the other TUs has begun the formal process of consultation about the impending transfer from E.ON to MDS – our first formal meeting took place on 10th July 2020 at which we were joined by representatives of MDS.

UNISON is pleased to say that we are being represented in the joint consultation by Richard Porth – a UNISON Steward and Meter Reader and Ed Bratt our Regional Organiser for E.ON. We have another representative due to commence his training so hopefully you can be assured that your best interests, now and into the future, are being protected.

There is still much for us to do not least in respect of the transfer and amongst which are the details of the pension arrangements, for example.

Given the measures that MDS have announced, the Trade Unions felt that it was important that employees were given early notice of two particular changes relating to pay dates and the Christmas holiday. These are covered by the recently distributed joint statement reproduced below:

This statement has been prepared and agreed with the four recognised Trade Unions in E.ON in light of formal TUPE consultation starting on Friday 3rd July.Building on our informal discussions over the last few months, we have now started formal dialogue on the detail of the TUPE process, and this has now involved joint discussions directly with Morrison Data Services (MDS), ​the first meeting of which took place on 10th July 2020. ​Within the consultation MDS announced some measures they wish to take in respect of the transferring staff.  It was agreed that these should be shared with you at the earliest opportunity.

To help transferring colleagues in their preparations we can confirm the following:

– Pay date will be changed from the 24th to the last working day of the month with effect from the month of transfer, and so please consider if you need to change the date of any Direct Debits which you may have. MDS will consider the provision of interest free bridging loans if required on the following basis: two weeks pay advance to be recovered across three months pay including the first deduction from actual pay in that month.

– MDS have announced a Christmas shutdown from the 24th -29th  December, which means that two days of annual leave we need to be taken to cover this period.  The annual leave year will remain April to March and any additional holiday bought through flex bens will be honoured.

UNISON will aim to keep you informed about the TUPE process following each of our meetings and we are happy to receive any feedback/queries you may have at this time. Please email e.bratt@unison.co.uk  should you wish to raise anything.

Finally, please remember to do what you can to encourage non-trade union members to join UNISON

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It is important that we remain strong through the transfer process, and the more members we have the stronger our voice will be in MDS.