E.ON Furlough & Holiday Update

We sent out an email communication at the beginning of July around the furlough scheme. We were concerned that colleagues who are furloughed beyond the 1st August would see their wages reduce to 80%. Our request was for E.ON to continue topping up wages to 100%, but unfortunately this wasn’t possible.

We held further discussions with the company, and we have now agreed on a range of measures to help alleviate the shortfall in wages, which are outlined below. We have also given our permission for the company to utilise the flexible furlough scheme.

Flexible Furlough

On the 30th June 2020 the joint TU’s, Unison, Unite, GMB & Prospect agreed for the company to apply part time furlough arrangements in accordance with the revised ‘Flexible Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme’ (CJRS) that came into force on the 1st July 2020.

Furlough Measures

  1. The company will top up individual wages to 80% of regular earnings regardless of the CJRS Cap (The maximum amount which the company can claim back through the scheme)
  2. Effective from August 2020 regular earnings for the field workforce will be calculated on the 52-week reference period from the beginning of March ‘19 – end of Feb ’20 if it is greater than the current reference period of Feb ’20
  3. As an extension to the company’s living wage commitment, the company will Top-up wages above 80% (to a maximum of 100%) if an individual’s contractual hours at the ‘national living wage‘ are greater.
  4. The company will re-open the holiday trading window between the 22nd July and 5th August allowing individuals to;
    1. Sell up to a maximum 1 week annual leave, subject to the statutory requirements
    2. Purchase a maximum of 2 weeks annual leave in total taking into consideration any previous bought holiday.
  5. The company will remind employees of financial advice and support available to them via the Employee Assistance Programme and charities like Money Matters and Citizens advice.  In addition each trade union offers its members financial support through times of hardship and this should also be communicated.
  6. To give people as much certainty of pay, the Company will provide a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice of scheduled work and any requirement to be furloughed.  If an individual is furloughed with less notice they will receive full pay for their scheduled hours, excluding any scheduled overtime

In addition, from 1st August the company will take the following approach after consultation with the TU’S:


The changes outlined in measure 4, will mean a change in the previously agreed approach of deducting holidays at the rate of accrual upon return from furlough. From 1 August colleagues will be able to book holidays whilst on furlough rather than the company making mandatory reductions.

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