Racism in the Workplace

The uncomfortable conversation that needs to be had

The experiences of Black Members in their workplaces are too often scarred by the injustice of racism. It affects their ability to access jobs, earn decent pay, to be treated with dignity and to receive the support and opportunities that are due to all workers. UNISON is determined that our collective power must be used to change this.

Below you will find a link to a new leaflet we have produced on this topic;

Racism in the Workplace Information Leaflet

UNISON leads the trade union movement on equality, but we are not complacent. As success levels in race discrimination cases continue to be amongst the lowest despite long established legislation and as part of the efforts to improve the support we provide to members who are suffering racism. UNISON has in place the Race Discrimination protocol. It is an equalising tool that aims to provide a more transparent, effective and accountable way of dealing with race discrimination. UNISON is committed to this work.

Race Discrimination Protocol

It is important that we understand the difficulties staff / members experience at work so that we can influence the negotiations of policies, the application of procedures and have a robust approach to the employer’s Equality Impact Assessments. Your help is important by taking the time to fill in a short survey that will give a snapshot of your views and your experiences. To fill out the survey click the link below;

Racism at Work Survey

The survey closes on Friday 17 July