Speaking up for our members: “Thank You”

As the nation prepares to clap for carers – including health and other key workers – UNISON is speaking up for our members with national and local newspaper ads.

The ads thank UNISON members for the extraordinary work they are doing to fight coronavirus.

As the public continues to pay tribute to health, care and essential workers, the union is saying “thank you” to everyone leaving their loved ones to care for ours.

This includes a full-page ad in the Daily Mirror today (Thursday 16 April), highlighting just a few of the many jobs our members are doing in the frontline and beyond.

Thank you for mopping hospital corridors.
Thank you for transferring patients to free up beds.
Thank you for keeping the ambulances running.
Thank you for refilling hand sanitiser bottles.
Thank you for logging details onto computer systems.
Thank you for sterilising surgical equipment.
Thank you for collecting our rubbish.
Thank you for checking stocks of medicine.
Thank you for answering emergency calls.
Thank you for helping to keep our streets safe.
Thank you for protecting victims of abuse.
Thank you for nursing the sick.

To those leaving their loved ones to care for ours

Thank You.

Thank you for keeping patients fed.
Thank you for taking blood samples.
Thank you for checking in on our elderly.
Thank you for transporting the frail.
Thank you for caring for key workers’ children.
Thank you for preparing hospital theatres.
Thank you for delivering oxygen tanks.
Thank you for maintaining ventilation machines.
Thank you for reassuring worried loved ones.
Thank you for looking after vulnerable children.
Thank you for laundering hospital sheets.
Thank you for absolutely everything you are doing right now.

Thank your #PublicServiceChampions today

Download the full ad here to share on social media or print out for your windows:  Thank You Ad