Cadent Gas – Pay 2023/24 Update

Following a consultation of UNISON members in the staff collective within Cadent Gas, we can confirm that members voted to accept the company pay offer. Some 90% of members accepted the deal which was recommended by the UNISON in Cadent national committee.
The GMB staff members have also voted to accept the offer. The company have now been informed of this.

What happens next?

This offer applies to pay from July 2023. At that point, pay rates and allowances will be increased by a percentage amount equal to the average of RPI (retail prices index) inflation for the 12 months up to and including 31st March 2023.

A minimum underpin of a 7.5% increase is guaranteed for staff, but we anticipate this figure to be much higher based on current RPI rates and projected figures for the beginning of 2023. It can be followed by looking at the ONS (office for national statistics) calculations for RPI inflation for the reference year. The simple average is derived by adding the 12 monthly increases together and dividing them by 12

The deal ensures that Cadent staff will maintain their level of pay at a time of high inflation.

We have requested that the same deal applies also to the ex-TUPE staff who presently sit outside the staff collective. We are hopeful that the same deal will be replicated.

While this pay deal is welcomed by UNISON, we continue to recognise that this winter will present financial challenges for many staff due to the present cost of living crisis. We will continue to request that business considers doing more in the short term. If you are struggling, remember you can contact UNISON welfare for advice and support.

UNISON There For You

Thankyou for your continued support. Your UNISON team in Cadent!