UNISON in Cadent – Final Pay Offer

Further negotiations have taken place between UNISON and Cadent and a final improved offer was made. We remain disappointed at the low % increase which does not reflect increased inflation, or the contributions made by Cadent employees. The offer is however significantly improved and will allow Cadent S staff to opt out of annualised hours and receive eligible shift allowances, as per legacy staff.

The UNISON national sector committee for Cadent does not feel it can recommend the offer as it does not reflect the significant increase in living costs that members are experiencing, but we are also aware that the offer before you; is significantly improved, is a final offer and is therefore the best that can be achieved via negotiation.  If members were to reject the offer, we would need to move into a dispute with Cadent and hold an industrial action ballot with a view to commencing industrial action. This is your choice to make.

What is the offer and how has it been improved?

  • A 2% base pay increase (including allowances) to Cadent Staff grades (covered by the handbook which includes Cadent S) backdated to July 2021. Improved from an original company offer of 1.5%
  • In addition, a further lump sum payment of £750 (non-consolidated meaning a one-off payment which does not go onto your salary) payable in Feb 2022. Improved from the original offer because it did not include any lump sum payment
  • A £54.70 bank holiday payment paid to Cadent S workers each time they work (any time) on a bank holiday. This does not replace and is in addition to, any local incentive payments which are discretionary and non-contractual. This was improved from a company position of no additional payments. We will continue to push for harmonised treatment for all staff on this matter
  • The choice for Cadent S staff to withdraw from annualised hours rules. All hours worked over 37p/w will immediately become available as overtime and staff will be eligible for the applicable shift allowance (please see handbook for terms) This was improved from a company position of committing only to a review into the annualised hours rules and applications


You are being asked to vote on this offer. You will need your UNISON membership number or if you do not know this, your payroll number. This will only be used to check your eligibility to vote on this offer. This consultation will open on Tuesday 7th December and close on the 16th December

Access the Survey Here

We will announce the outcome of the ballot after it officially closes. Please remember only trade union members get a vote on this offer which we have negotiated with the business. We thank you for your continued support. – Your UNISON team in Cadent Gas.

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