UNISON Power E.ON Member Bulletin

Site Safety

Although Eon are not looking to get everyone back into the various sites and offices immediately, it is important planning takes place to ensure workplaces are as safe as possible for when employees start to return. These preparations are currently taking place, and UNISON health and safety representatives have been visiting sites along with management and facilities to discuss the preparation, planning and implementation. It’s important everything reasonably practicable is being done, and the necessary preventative measures are put in place to reduce workplace risk.

We are working closely with the company, and we want to be in position where we can confidently inform our members that every possible step has been taken, to ensure workplaces are as safe as they can possibly be. A further update will be communicated in due course.

Working from home

The safety and comfort of our members, whilst working from home, has been our number one priority over recent weeks and months. UNISON have led the way when it has come to raising  members concerns with the company, and although it has taken longer than we would have liked, the company have listened and plans are being put in place to ensure equipment is made available.

This includes: Basic Equipment (monitors, keyboards, a mouse, laptop / desktop, laptop risers), Additional Equipment  (standard chair, foot rest, additional monitor and USB port splitter) and Specialist Equipment (specialist chairs). The exact details will communicated very shortly, but please continue to raise any issues and concerns with you line manager in the meantime. If you require any further assistance, then you can contact a UNISON representative, who will be happy to help.


This week Eon announced they will continue to pay wages at 100% until the end of June, for those employees who remain on furlough. This is really good news, and we commend the company for making this decision. This will give our members peace of mind if they are concerned about their financial situation. We will inform members whether this will be extended beyond June, once a decision has been made.

As activities across the business continue to increase, many more colleagues will be coming back to work. The current plan is for as many employees as possible to work from home, but you will be contacted by your management team regarding this.

UNISON Support

UNISON reps are continuing support members via remote meetings with the company, and no member has gone unrepresented during this difficult time. The vast majority of our reps are available to offer support and guidance, so please contact us with any issues or concerns.

If members are experiencing financial difficulty at this time, then UNISON’s Welfare service There for You might be able to provide assistance. A COVID-19 response fund has been set up, and one-off grants of £250 are available for essential expenses such as food and bills. Please click on the link below to see if you are eligible and to make an application.

UNISON There For You

The trade unions have played, and continue to play, a vital role during the COVID-19 crisis. UNISON is the largest trade union in the UK, and has members in a number of sectors.  As well as Energy, we organise within Local Government, Education, National Health Service Registered Nurses, NHS Managers and Clinical Support Workers amongst others. Our involvement at both regional and national level, and working in consultation with the government, means we are able voice our member concerns, and influence policy and decision making.UNISON membership

The fantastic work UNISON and the other Trade Unions have been doing, has been widely reported in the media recently, so hopefully you are aware of this. It has never been more important to be part of a trade union, so if you are reading this and aren’t a member, then you can sign up using the link below. It would also be great if you could share this with your colleagues who may not be members, and encourage them to join.


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