‘Carers Week’ – our second winner

Congratulations to Carol Caldwell who was nominated and selected as one of UNISON East Midlands ‘Carers of the Year’. 


How long have you worked as a carer?

16 years within Nottinghamshire. 

Why did you become a carer?

‘My name is Carol Caldwell.. I have been a carer for 16 years and have just been promoted to senior carer..I absolutely love my job, it is hard work sometimes but very rewarding.’

Quotes we received: 

-‘I have known Carol for some years now. She has always been the same, always very pleasant and lovely. She always cares beyond the call of duty

-‘She sets the highest standards and has a sparkling and friendly persona as well. Definitely perfect 10’s for all aspects of care for my wife’.

What did Carol win? 

A £50 gift card is on its way to you.

Thank you for everything you do Carol! Keep up the good work.

Know of a carer that goes above and beyond? Then get in touch, nominate them and maybe they will win next year!