National Recognition for East Midlands Learning Rep

The work of the region’s Union Learning Reps (ULRs) has once again been recognised by the TUC with Loughborough University’s Collina Angus winning the 2021 Award for ULRs.

Collina become a ULR two years ago after taking part in the reading challenges organised by the previous ULR.  But when she stood down Collina came forward as she didn’t want the good work to end.  Since then she has gone from strength to strength.

Her passion for Equality issues has led to her bringing the two agendas together and in doing so received praise from senior levels within the University as well as within UNISON.

During Black History Month Collina worked with the University to organise an online event with Carol Leeming MBE FRSA which was attended by 40 people entitled ‘Black History is My History if Your History’.  It spurred Collina on to do more and during LGBT+ History month approached Dr Sarah Parker to give a talk on LGBT+ Love Poems through the Ages entitled, “The Love that dare not speak it’s name.”  Then for International Women’s Day a talk for women called ‘getting to yeh without feeling meh’.

In addition Collina has been organising courses for members of the branch based on feedback and surveys.  This includes:

  • Dealing with Difficult Conversations
  • Lone Worker Training
  • How to say when it’s not OK

She has been a founder member of the Leicestershire & Rutland Learning team which brings ULRs together from all branches in the counties has helped organised numerous courses.


Since Collina took on the role she has steadily increased the numbers of attendees at her sessions and has grown the range of learning opportunities.

She has grown in confidence she is recruiting new members from these events and new ULRs. I am very proud to have Collina on our committee.

Lyn Hough

UNISON Branch Secretary – Loughborough University


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