Race for Equality

25 March 2021 10:00am–11:00am

MS Teams

Race for Equality: Challenging Racism in the NHS.

More than 70 years after it was founded the NHS continues to rely on staff from all round the world, and generations of Black staff have made the NHS what it is today.

Yet many Black staff in the NHS still face the injustice of racism and inequality at work every day.

We want to help staff recognise and challenge racism in the workplace. We will support staff, and help them support each other as we work together to take on racism and deliver an NHS that respects and values all staff.


UNISON is committed to tackling racism in the workplace. This year Health Branches will:

  • Monitor interventions and evaluation of Risk Assessment process for Black staff.
  • Ensuring Risk Assessment Process is meaningful and acted on effectively by employers
  • Track outcomes for Black staff re-deployed following Risk Assessment

Our Race for Equality campaign is now being relaunched and we are pleased to welcome members of the UNISON National Health Team, Celestine Laporte and Val Johnson who will deliver a presentation and outline our campaign objectives to tackle racism in the workplace.

Email us to sign up

If you would like to attend please email Donna Franklin at D.franklin@unison.co.uk and a meeting link will be sent to you nearer the date.