Learning at Work Week 2019

13 – 19 May 2019

Learning At Work Week is an ideal opportunity for union learning reps and other UNISON activists to promote learning in the workplace, to raise the union’s profile, and to start conversations about training needs with the employer and with colleagues. It can also be a lot of fun!

Co-ordinated by the Campaign for Learning,  Learning at Work Week 2019 takes place from 13-19 May on the theme ‘Shaping the Future’.

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A Calendar of events for the week are listed below:

Monday 13 May Tuesday 14 May
1.    UNISON Power (E.ON), Bilborough –
Decorate a pebble, functional skills and stalls

2.    NW Leics DC – Blind Date with a Book + stall

3.    Leicestershire County Council, County Hall –

4.    N Derbyshire Health, Chesterfield Royal –
Reading Ahead Challenge

5.    Derby University, Leek campus – Stall

6.    Cadent, Hinckley – Card making + stall

7.    Nottingham City (Futures), Maid Marion Way – Stall

8.    Nottingham City (Council) Loxley House –
Alternative therapies

9.    Nottingham City (Council) Loxley House –
Bracelet making

10.  Notts County (Council), Mercury House – Stall

11.  Derbyshire Police – Wellbeing event

12.  Notts Healthcare (NHS Trust) – Induction

13.  Derby City (Council) – Stress at Work

14.  De Montfort University –
Great Central Railway Walk


1.    UNISON Power (E.ON), Trinity –
Decorate a pebble, functional skills and stalls

2.    NW Leics DC – Vegetarian taster session

3.    Lincoln University – Blind date with a book + language tasters + distance learning enrolment

4.    Leicestershire County Council, County Hall – Stall

5.    Leicester City (Fulhurst Community College) – Stall

6.    Nottingham City (Council), Loxley House –
Menopause talk

7.    Notts County (Council), County Hall – Stall

8.    Leics Police, Force HQ – Beaded Wire Crafts

9.    Northants Police, Force HQ –
Control Room Intake

10.  Derby City (Council), Council House –
Stress at Work

11.  Northampton Hospitals (NGH)
Learning walk-round to promote Northants Learning programme



Wednesday 15 May Thursday 16 May
1.    UNISON Power (E.ON), Leicester –
Decorate a pebble + stalls + functional skills

2.    NW Leics DC – Grammar Groove

3.    Leicestershire County, County Hall –  National Numeracy Challenge

4.    Leicestershire County, Bosworth Battlefield –  Stall

5.    N Derbyshire Health, Shirebrook Dental Department –  Staff meeting

6.    Derby University, Keddleston Road – Stall

7.    Leicester City (Council), Saffron House –  Reading Ahead Launch

8.    Leicester City (Council), Rushey Mead School –  Stall

9.  Nottingham City (Futures), Mansfield – Stall

10.  Nottingham City (Council), Loxley House –
NCT through the ages

11.  Notts County (Council), Meadow House – Stall

12.  Derbyshire Police, Force HQ – Wellbeing event

13.  Northants Healthworkers (KGH) –
Stall and Learning survey

14.  NHS Logistics, Alfreton – Stall

15.  Nottingham Trent University – Stall

16.  Loughborough University –
Green in Future Workshop & Future Feelings Workshop


1.    UNISON Power (E.ON), Phoenix –
Decorate a pebble + stalls + functional skills

2.    NW Leics DC – Office Walk about

3.    Leicestershire County (Council), County Hall –

4.    Derby University, Leek Campus – Stall

5.    Leicester City, Sulgrave Road –
ESOL and Adult Ed promotion (TBC)

6.    Northants County (University) –
Mindfulness through embroidery

7.    Nottingham City (Council), Loxley House –  Bat Talk

8.    Notts County (Council), Lawn View – Stall

9.    Lincoln City Council –
Stall, Counselling Skills, supporting young workers

10.  Leics Police, Force HQ –
How to take a better photo

11.  Notts Healthcare (Notts Health NHS Trust) –  Stall X 2

12.  East Northants – Menopause talk

13.  Northants Police – PCSO event

14.  Loughborough University –
Talk with author Bali Rai

15.  Derbyshire Police, HQ – Read and Learn event

16. Lincs Health, Lincoln County Hospital – Stall



Friday 17 May Events taking place following week or happening   throughout L@W week
1.    UNISON Power (E.ON), Newstead –
Decorate a pebble + stalls + functional skills

2.    UNISON Power (E.ON), Coventry –
Decorate a pebble + stalls + functional skills

3.    East Midlands Ambulance, Horizon place –

4.    Leicestershire County (Council), County Hall –
Stall + distance learning enrolments

5.    Leicester City (Christ the King Primary) –

6.    Nottingham City (Council), Loxley House – Quiz

7.    Nottinghamshire County (Council), Sir John Robinson Way – Stall

8.    Leics Police, Force HQ – Intro to Sign language


1.    Notts Healthcare – functional skills assessments

2.    Leicester City, Bridge School –

Celebration of achievement for learners

3.    Derbyshire County – Various stalls

4.    Northants Police, various workplaces –
Steward/ULR walk round with learning materials/bags

5.    Lincs Police – TBC

6.    Lincs Health, County Hospital – Ward visits


See below examples of some great events taking place

New Stewards pictured here on Organising Steward training this week at UNISON Regional Office, Nottingham


Watch this space for more

Loughborough University

Northampton University Lunch and Learn event

De Montfort University – Central Railway Walk

Are you prepared for Learning At Work Week? We now have over 70 events planned for the week. Please let us know if you’re planning something and not told us yet:  lmd@unison.co.uk

Keep an eye out for Learning events in your workplace or contact your Union Learning Rep