Despite the challenges of Covid-19 UNISON members have continued to work on the frontline, or support frontline staff, as we all fight to keep our communities safe and well.

UNISON is proud of the fantastic efforts shown by all our members. But praise in not enough. Public service workers need certainty about their futures – now more than ever.

Members are living every day with worries about their health and that of their families, but also worries about their job security.

That’s why UNISON East Midlands has launched the Protect Our Jobs campaign. We are calling on employers in the East Midlands to sign our Job Protection Agreement – promising a ‘no compulsory redundancies’ guarantee to give staff peace of mind in tough times.

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We will keep you updated on our progress, but we also need your help. A loud and united voice is harder to ignore.


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Protect Our Jobs

Contact us about the campaign: protectourjobsemids@unison.co.uk