Branch Treasurers: Learning Pathway


UNISON Branch Treasurers play an important role in the branch and union.  UNISON is committed to providing a wide range of courses to help them develop the skills and confidence that they need in the role.  The following courses are available as part of the Learning Pathway  for UNISON Branch Treasurers.

Step 1:  Branch Treasurers’ e-note

This on-line learning resource is for newly elected Branch Treasurers.  The e-note is designed to be completed before attending OLBA training as it provides all the information Branch Treasurers need to get started in the role.  It is delivered online and provides learners with information about the role, how finance works in UNISON and getting started in the role.

If you are looking for the Branch Treasurer e-note you will find it here:

Branch Treasurer e-note

Step 2:  OLBA training

Training for UNISON’s online branch accounting system (OLBA) is available either as face-to-face learning or by online delivery.  OLBA training is delivered free to members, but for face-to-face courses branches will need to cover any travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

Face-to-face training:  This is aimed at newly appointed Branch Treasurers and branch-employed staff who have access to OLBA in their role.  It is delivered by the National Finance Team and is run either in the Region or as a national course at UNISON Centre.

The course introduces learners to UNISON’s online branch accounting system (OLBA), including functions in OLBA, how to record receipts and payments and how to set a budget and run reports.  Learners will have a demonstration on how to navigate the system and will have the opportunity to work on live case studies.

Online delivery:  The online OLBA course covers all the learning outcomes from the face-to-face course but is suitable for learners who are unable to attend face-to-face training.

N.B. This e-learning platform is always available to learners who have attended an OLBA course or as an additional resource for OLBA training.  It enables the learner to work through functions of the system online.

 Step 3:  Branch Treasurers (Branch Officer Training Course)

This course is offered as part of the Branch Officer Training Weekend (see pages 10 and 13 for full details).

Step 4:  Objective Based Budgeting

This short workshop is aimed at Branch Treasurers and members of the Branch Committee who are involved in the budget setting process.  The workshop looks at the principles of objective based budgeting; using objective based budgeting in the budget setting process and how this approach can be used to reflect on previous budgets and to set future ones.

If you need guidance on how to access any of the above, please contact the Learning and Member Development Team at or on 0115 8475457.